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Calander machine

Calander Machine

Links to Video of Machine:

Main Frame: 
Strong close type frame from 50mm thick plate, channel, flats, rigidly welded and jointed with each other heavy mounting base vibration free be provided to with stand heavy load and for mounting of the frame and hydraulic cylinders.
Entry: Entry will be provided with necessary tension bars and swivel tension device, chrome plated guide rolls for guiding the fabric centrally before entering the Calander unit.

5 bowl Calander unit:
Three nos. 24” dia cotton roll will be provided on the taper roller bearing and heavy duty C.I Housing. These housings can be fitted on the main body in such a way that the housings can be lowered down or lifted up with the hydraulic cylinders. Housing bearings etc. will be provided.
Flow Diagram:

  • Two 12” hard chromed will be provided with taper roller bearing and housing. The roller surface is ground and hard chromed inside the roller necessary heating systems will be provided. The position of this roller can be shifted up or down manually by screw and handle.

  • Heating: Oil or Steam or Electric heating device will be provided.

  • Hydraulic system: Hydraulic Systems will be provided with two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders with necessary power pack and electric control panel.

  • Speed indicator: Digital speed indicator will be provided.

  • Drive: A.C electric motor with suitable worm reduction gearbox, chain wheels and chain, etc. Control panel with temperature controller and inverter drive will be provided.

  • Fabric Delivery end: Roller type plaiter will be provided with one draw roll positively driven and one rubber pressure roll with two guide rolls will be provided.

Calander Machine
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