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Hydraulic Maxi Jigger

The ideal answer to very different fabrics

  • The new state of the art dyeing jiggers from GAYATRI offers all the advantages of the customization using modern technology.

  • Automatic temperature control, Cushioned start/ slow stop, finger tio tension adjustment, safely device for exhausting steam before the door are opened, indirect through heating (this prevents dilution of liquor).

  • Liquor circulation is by the means of a large filtering surface for better leveled dyeing, Selvedge shifting device is offered as standard on the fully automatic version of 1000, 500, 300 and 75.

  • Using PLC and Touch Screen Display GAYATRI provide many advanced features, some of which are as under.


  • Temperature

  • Speed

  • Auto Pendulation

  • Dozing

  • Water Filling

  • Sampling Point

Hydraulic Jigger
  1. The doors of GAYATRI JIGGERS are fitted with large glass view ports and have a pneumatic lowering and lifting arrangement. For GAYATRI-75, door lifting and lowering is manual (with hydraulic assist)

  2. On-line tension sensing system enables operation at a low tension range of 5 Kgs to a maximum of 50 Kgs. ( 30 Kgs for smaller models )

  3. Efficient spray washing is achieved by spray washing above water level.

  4. Dosing at will is offered with linear, Progressive and Regressive dosing as per the process demand.

  5. Continues washing feature (with washing by liter facility) can help maintain total amount of water consumed irrespective of the machine speed.

  6. At water flow meter also ensures accurate control over water supply.

  7. An automatic rocking device avoids unbalanced batches wile the machine is stopped. Attached auxiliary motor is provided of feeding with constant fabric tension and easy unloading on big batches.

  8. Advanced Diagnostics are built-in to alert operator in case of mal-function and alarm history for the last 50 stoppages facilitates breakdown analysis.

  9. GAYATRI JIGGERS are ideally suited for dyeing using various dye-stuff like Vat, Reactive, Sulphur, etc.

  10. GAYATRI JIGGERS with VDF system

Connected to the power pack can save electric energy by about 25-50 % on the installed power and if require tension on the fabric can be reduced. For highly tension sensitive fabrics like silk, customers have the option of choosing our latest generation jigger incorporating load cell and closed loop feed back.

  • Auto Draining

  • Auto Batch Reversing

  • Number of Turn

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