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Gas Singeing Machine

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Controlled Combustion

Controlled combustion system has been constantly developed and improved by further innovations till to the todays built “Double-Jet” Slot burner.

The Dust-Free Cloth Entry System : Brushing Unit

Gayatri’s dust-free cloth entry system meets an essential economic, technology and social safety requirement when singeing fabrics. Gayatri Industrial Engineers supply either 2 or 4 roll brushing or beating units; the 4 roll unit can be supplied as a combination unit. Brushes or beaters are placed on both sides of the fabric and a mechanism is provided so that fabric contact can be easily varied from zero to maximum contact.

The device consists of three machine components:

  • The closed extraction chamber

  • The fully sealed entrance section

  • The “Beating: fabric cleaning unit.

The Beating

Fabric cleaning Unit.

The Beating achieves outstanding results in cleaning fabrics by intermittent beating and brushing combined high air exchange rates.

Energy supply to Gayatri Gas singeing machines.

Singeing burner are most often fueled with gas. The Gayatri singe “Double-jet” burner is suitable for any type of gas. If direct gas supply is not available, Gayatri singe delivers units to gasify petrol kerosene and naphtha. Besides the burner construction, the correct gas: air mixture is decisive for the flame quality. Gayatri singe uses the proportional mixing valves, guarantying a constant ratio independent of the amount of mixed fed to the burners.

The Double – Jet Burner

The heart of the Gayatri Gas singeing machine

Gayatri Singe use High Performance Double-Jet Burners in all machine types. Developed by ourselves, and patented world-wide, it allows Gayatri singe to set high standards for the quality of the singeing flame generated in the burner, which is the key function of the entire installation.

The essential feature of the Double-Jet Burner include:

  • Equal distribution of the mixture by means of a series of expansion and compression chambers.

  • Uninterrupted flame band achieved by exit of the gas-air mixture from two parallel slot nozzles.

  • Generation of a homogenous flame by ideal combustion of the gas-air mixture within the combustion chamber formed of moulded ceramic bricks.

  • Generation of a highly-concentrated, high energy flame: the prime requirement for singeing textile materials of natural, regenerated and synthetic fibres.

These properties clearly distinguish the Double-Jet Burner from conventional burner, with respect to reliability, precision, performance, capacity, and energy consumption.

Singeing Technology

Gayatri has developed singeing machine with a varity of singeing positions in order to meet the range of requirements for textile finishing. The choice of model is dependent on the quality of the textiles to be processed and the type of singeing to be achieved.

Singeing onto free-guided fabric

The singeing flame meets the free-guided fabric at right angels as the fabric passes between two guided rollers. This position is recommended for materials made of 100% natural fibre and for blended fabrics which have been thoroughly beaten, with weights over 125 g / m sq.

Singeing onto a cooled roller

The singeing flame meets the fabric at right-angels as it is bent over water-cooled roller. The choice of this position composed of temperature sensitive fibres, open-weave fabrics and those with weights of less than 125 g / m sq.

In addition to the singeing position the singeing effect can also be influenced by variation of key singeing parameters namely speed, flame intensity and distance of the fabric from the burner. These are readily adjusted and monitored making the process more precise and reproducible.

Automatic Flame Width Adjustment

Automatic adjustment of the flame width is a logical development in Gas singeing machines, especially with regard to energy conservation. The appropriate width of the flame is automatically defined by setting the cloth guiders to the cloth width. The intensity of the flame is also adapted automatically to these valves by means of the integrated intensity adjustment mechanism.

Singeing Machine Safety

Gayatri singeing machines conform to the strictest international safety regulations. When delivered abroad the safety features of Gayatri singeing machines can be adapted to the standard and guidelines of the country in question.

The Impregnation Compartment

Technology for Measured Impregnation

The impregnation compartments can be supplied with a cloth capacity of 10, 15 and 20 meters. The upper and lower rollers are fitted externally with ball bearings; permitting high speed upto 150 m/min. whilst being unaffected by threads, fluff and process chemicals. At the exit of the impregnation compartment two-roller squeeze mangles are used.

For certain fabrics dry singeing is common, and it is well known that there is a fire hazard from burning or smoldering residue. To minimize that risk the Gayatri-singe impregnating compartments can be delivered in special execution to be used as steaming as well. Spark extinguishing steamers are available for fabrics like corduroy and velvet.

Fabric delivery

According to customer’s requirement Gayatri singeing unit can be fitted with cloth delivery devices such as batchers with friction or center drive, plaiters or precision plaiter/stacker. Combinations of these devices are also possible with synchronization of these devices to the speed of the singeing process being guaranteed.

Outstanding Features

  • Singeing on both side of the fabric with four pass arrangements on two burners.

  • Heavy duty burners with S.S. Strips

  • Lower gas consumption due to complete combustion of the fuel.

  • Blue flame with high intensity.

  • Auto-stop of flame on power failure.

  • loading and unloading of fabric.

  • Lower heat and energy consumptions.

Singeing machine
Gas Singeing machine
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