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Jigger machine

Automatic Dyeing Jigger Machine

Dyeing Jiggers

For smooth and efficient performance, easy operation and easy maintenance, ‘Gayatri’ Dye Jiggers are your best buy, With latest technical improvements, ‘Gayatri’ offers most sturdy, smooth and compact designed Jigger, which gives excellent performance under most economical conditions in the processing of light and heavy fabrics like cotton, rayon, silk or synthetics.


  • The sturdy / ruboust construction ensures the reliability of smooth functioning of the machine.

  • Use of standard makes of components ensures trouble free operation.

  • Simplicity of design results in smooth functioning / less maintenance / less spares parts.

  • Main tank is provided with a temperature controller which economies the steam consumption. & also it maintains the desired temperature.

  • All guide rollers are of stainless steel construction which avoids the staining problems of conventional vulcanite rollers.

  • The rollers ensures the creaseless passage of the fabric throughout the machine.

  • The bigger size drain valves for main tank ensures the fast drainage of the water.

  • Two main batch rollers are driven by the separate motors. The motor speeds are perfectly synchronized to maintain the constant desired surface speed which ensures the tensionless passage of the fabric.

  • Due to the unique design of tank a good ratio of fabric wt. / liquor consumption can be achieved. It is almost 1:1

  • The uniform concentration of liquor is maintained by circulation pump.

  • Simplest way of machine operation through touch screen is provided.

  • The inverter drives eliminates the tedious maintenance of hydraulic drive jiggers.

  • Following functions are controlled by PLC

    • 1) Auto Cycle forward / reversal

    • 2) Automatic cycle stoppage after process completion

    • 3) Automatic speed / tension control throughout the cycle

    • 4) Hunting operation during cycle stoppage

  • Optional Devices

    • 1) Liquor circulation pump and filtration tank

    • 2) Colour making tank

    • 3) Indirect heat exchanger

This is separate motor inverter driven jigger.

Inverters are ABB make & are specially programmed for direct tension control of the fabric. It has totally eliminated the tedious hydraulic drive maintenance problems with the far superior performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Useful Fabric Width : 1200 mm to 3400 mm

  • Fabric Speed : 10-90 Mtrs. / Min. (operating)

  • Cloth Roll diameter per feed : 1500 mm (Maximum)

  • Cloth capacity per feed : 100 kg to 1250 Kgs. (Maximum)

Dyeing Jigger machine
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